This section documents the config file. By default this file does not exist and a default configuration is used instead.



Configure the registry you want to use. Defaults to
sn0int is going to check if your modules are outdated during startout once a week. Set this option to true to disable this.


By default sn0int modules are assumed to be installed from the registry. You may want to keep a local directory with private modules, especially during development. You can configure a folder that contains modules that aren’t managed by sn0int by adding a namespace section to the config file:

foo = "/opt/sn0int/foo"
bar = "~/repos/a/b/c/sn0int-modules"

This is going to load modules from these two folders and register them in the foo and bar namespace.

Note that sn0int is also going to assume that symlinks in ~/.local/share/sn0int/modules and folders containing a .git folder are externally managed.


To enable a proxy, add the following to your config file:

proxy = ""

This forces everything through tor (or any other socks5 proxy) and restricts all other functions that depend on the network. For example the dns function is fully disabled if a proxy is configured.